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I certify that I am capable of performing physical exercise and acknowledge that I am voluntarily participating in this group exercise program. I am participating in the group exercise program with the knowledge of the dangers involved. I understand that I will be fully responsible for complying with any restrictions prescribed for me by my personal physician and that I agree to consult my personal physician for further evaluation and such medical care as I require. 

I do hereby release and discharge A Balanced Approach LLC and the other released parties from any and all claims for injuries, including death, damage or loss which I may have or which may accrue to me on account of my participation in the program.


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________ I understand that only clean indoor workout shoes and water are permitted in the fitness rooms.

________ I understand that classes have a fixed capacity, and the only way to secure a spot in a class is to register online.  I also understand that if I can’t attend a class, I must cancel at least 2 hours before the class begins to avoid a $10 fee.

________ I understand that class packages and memberships can be used for any group fitness classes, but that special class series and personal training sessions are purchased separately.

________ I understand that scented products should not be used in the studio.

________ I understand that by participating, I give my permission for photos or video clips of fitness classes in which I participate to be used for advertising and promotional purposes.

________ I understand that it is my responsibility to inform the studio/instructor/trainer of any health conditions, injuries or pains that might affect my workout.

________ Prepaid Classes: I understand that prepaid classes (drop-in or bundles) expire one year after the date of purchase, and that unused class sessions can be transferred to another member upon request.

________ Monthly Memberships: I understand that monthly memberships will automatically renew and charge my account at the end of each month-long period. I also understand that I can stop or restart my membership at any time, and I can pause up to three times each year (for up to a month each time) with written notice 10 days in advance of my next renewal date.